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The Word of God, Creation and Recreation

First I would like to explain the title of this post. Creation is a hotly disputed topic in Christianity where many have adopted a theory called theistic evolution, even among those who claim to be Evangelicals. That name originally implied an acceptance of God’s word as literally true and without error because it was inspired by God. Looked at from that perspective those who endorse theistic evolution can hardly claim to be evangelical, for they do not believe in the literal sense of Scripture. They explain it in such a way as to agree with human theories about the origin of the universe and life. The Eternal God, the Creator Himself, who revealed His almighty work to us, must apparently accept being contradicted and bow before the atheistic theories of the day! That contradiction may be carefully hidden by subtle manipulations of God’s word, but it remains a denial of God’s word. That can’t be disguised!

The Word of God reveals God’s creating work to us. Since mankind fell into sin and God withdrew from him, we are totally thrown back on God’s word to know anything about how He created. However, mankind in general does not believe God’s word. It is, therefore, thrown back on the world itself to discover how it was made. There is no other source. If mankind also decides that he must find a totally materialistic explanation for the world’s existence because he is not willing to take God into account, then he will have to invent theories to explain the existence of everything. Then energy or matter has to become eternal, all the evidence of design has to be explained away, chance becomes god and determines everything and undetectable dark energy and matter have to be invented to make the theories work. Mythology has always gone in this direction since the fall into sin. What we see today is nothing else than modern day mythology minus the gods.

This whole exercise is foolish if there is a God and if He created the world and has revealed to us how He did that. To ignore the explanation of the Creator is to embark on a journey without a guide and that has led to mankind losing his way.

Meanwhile the creation is staring him in the face as an eloquent testimony to God, its Creator. It reveals the greatest mind the universe knows. The power, wisdom, intelligence, design, artistry and goodness of God is embedded in every element of it and its maintenance. Everyone who has come after can only learn from Him including scientists. Creation affirms and reveals its God and testifies to Him so that mankind is without excuse (Rom 1:18-23). By it they are held responsible for the knowledge of God and condemnable for rejecting that knowledge. We see the consequences of God’s judgement on our unbelief in society today.

We can only know this God and what He has done by faith in His word (Heb 11:1,3). However, to know Him that way requires that we believe that the Bible is His word, and that His word is reliable and trustworthy. That is where the rub lies. Mankind wants to have proof that it is God’s word, but mankind does not want to believe that it is God’s word, for in it God lays claim to our love, thankfulness and obedience. If the Bible is what it claims to be mankind is not his own master. He is God’s creation. He loses His independence and that he will defend fiercely. Therefore, he would rather go forward blind than seeing. He would rather depend on his own atheistic theories than those given by God, but when the blind lead the blind both fall into the ditch. This is the road to destruction.

However, light has erupted into this darkness in the form of a man. The Son of God became man to open the eyes of the blind and lead us back to the light. When He was born He was called Jesus. When He began His ministry he was known as Jesus of Nazareth. Later the Church came to confess Him as God the Son with the divine title, Lord Jesus Christ.

He was there at the creation of the world. He affirmed creation by God. He spoke of the creation of Adam and Eve, the first human couple, at the beginning (Mat 19:4,5). He spoke of Abel who was the son of Eve killed by Cain (Mat 23:35). He also referred to Noah (Mat 24:37,38). He evidently treated Genesis 1-11 as a true account of creation and the subsequent history. What is more, is that the Bible affirms that He Himself was the Creator. God the Father created through God the Son by the Holy Spirit (John 1:15; Colossians 1:15-18: Gen 1:2). Therefore, if anyone could be a faithful witness to what God had done it was the Lord Jesus Christ. His testimony has to be given full weight if He is who the Bible says He is. Add to this that the gospels of the New Testament are accounts given by eye witnesses of His power and divinity, of His death and resurrection, and of His ascension to heaven. Their witness is valid witness and is sufficient to stand and decide a matter in a court of law. They ought to be believed.

God also speaks about recreation in His word, which will confirm God’s word and creative power. Mankind will not be left in the dark for long. A day of judgement is coming when everyone who was ever born will have to appear before God and have to give account of all they have done. The world will be cleansed by fire. The heavens will be removed and a new world will be created before our very eyes. Then, just like the angels, who rejoiced when the first creation was called into being (Job 38:7), so will we rejoice when we see our future home being called into existence by the word and power of God. This recreation has already begun in the hearts and minds of those who follow the Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit though the word of God. That recreation will be completed when the Lord returns and creation will be restored, renewed and recreated. Then all unbelief will shut its mouth and God will be vindicated and glorified by all who have loved His appearing.

It is evident that we depend on God’s word to know things that are otherwise unknowable. We cannot give people this faith. Only the Spirit and word of God can. Take and read and see that it is the only book in this world that reveals the truth about God, about man, about his greatest need and about the unique solution that only God could provide. He promised it when mankind fell (Gen 3:15), He revealed more and more about this man who was to come as time went by, and He fulfilled it in the Lord Jesus Christ thousands of years later. The fact that He fulfilled His promise so long after should give us confidence that He will fulfil His promise to return and restore all things after many years as well. God keeps His promises because He is the God of Truth (Is 65:16). The Lord Jesus Christ is the truth (Joh 14:6) and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth (Joh 14:17). What He says is true and comes to pass because His word is truth (Joh 17:17). Therefore, we pray, come Lord Jesus, come quickly (Rev 22:7,12,20; 2 Pet 3:7-9). On that day He will be vindicated before all. He will be shown to be true and all those who contradict His word will be shown to be liars. May that day come soon for His glory. Amen!








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